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Cruzado/Lusitano gelding 2018 169 cm Price on request

Suerte is a really stunning gelding. His size, charisma and presence make it impossible for anyone to walk past his box without taking a look at him. He is a horse for those riders who want a horse with expression and charisma.

His talent for dressage is immediately apparent as soon as you see him in action. His expansive, extraordinary basic gaits, which do not correspond to a typical Spaniard, should be emphasized. Attentive to people and riders, he makes himself a reliable sports and leisure partner. Due to its size, it covers well larger riders. The focus and concentration on the rider and the job. You can tell that he enjoys his “job” to the fullest. External influences don’t bother him at all, whether in the field or on the pitch. He goes into the terrain alone or in a group. No matter what task you set Suerte, he is always with people.

Confident with weaker riders, he gives you a secure feeling in the saddle despite his sporty attitude. Due to his size, we have worked on him gently so that he is now ready to grow further in training. Working on gymnastics and playful lessons gives him great pleasure.

He is easy to deal with. He is always available for cuddles.

Lessons: easy canter change / shoulder in / travasalen Suerte has a current with X-rays, completely vaccinated, Piro negative and chiropractic treated.

  • A  5000.-
  • B 5000.- to 10.000.-
  • C 10.000.- to 15.000.-
  • D 15.000.- to 20.000.-
  • E 20.000.- to 25.000.-

all prices in Euro

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