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Cruzado/Lusitano gelding 2018; 169 cm; Price on request

Stay present and go to competitions

Suerte, the charming cruzado Lusitano gelding, captivates with his imposing presence and a character of gold. His talent as a dressage horse is reflected in his exceptional, expansive gaits that set him apart from others.

With his attentive nature towards people and riders, he is a reliable partner for both the competitive sport rider and the discerning leisure rider. Even less experienced riders feel secure in the saddle with Suerte. He executes movements such as simple changes of canter, shoulder-in, and traversals with grace and precision.

In handling, Suerte is uncomplicated, affectionate, and always ready for a cuddle session! His gentle temperament makes him a pleasure to be around, and his loving nature makes him a true companion.

Suerte comes with a current veterinary examination including clean X-rays. He is up to date on vaccinations and has tested negative for piroplasmosis. Additionally, he has received chiropractic treatment to ensure his optimal health and well-being.

Find your dream horse in Suerte and experience unforgettable moments together! Suerte is ready to be your partner for many exciting adventures.

Send us an inquiry to learn more about Suerte and to get to know him.

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