Your team for buying pure-bred Andalusian horses

You have been looking for your own P.R.E. and want to buy a Spanish horse – we always try to find the best partner for life. Passion Barock is an exclusive company spcialized in Spanish horses which are all owned by us. We want to help you find your next dream partner. We, the Passion Barock team, implement this with a high degree of sensitibility and passion.


Jose Antonio Asencio Navas

Trainer & Instructor

Antonio is a passionate horse trainer who assesses each horse individually and adjusts the training accordingly. His passion are the horses, so he began to take part in competitions and won some of them several times.

He has been riding since he was a child and began his career at the Jerez stud, working with pure-bred Andalusian horses. The learned skills and abilities were still not enough for him, so he continued his education. He always recognizes the potential of the horses at a glance and knows how to make them glow. With a lot of calm, heart and mindfulness, he trains the horses without much pressure.

For him, his signature is a balanced horse in character and whilst riding. He is happy to transmit his  knowledge and understanding of horses to his students in courses across Europe.

Melanie Manzl

Marketing & Sales

I developed my fascination for horses in my very early childhood. This passion never let me, which is why I looked for new ways. I found it in the noble mind of the Spanish horses – the loyalty of these horses, who face you honestly and are always ready to learn.

The first contact in Spain to one of these horses kept my feelings stuck, so I decided to buy my first own PRE. I have never regretted this decision! On the contrary, I am always fascinated and in love with this breed!

Arcos de la Frontera - Passion-Barock

Our stable

In the heart of Spain –  in the south part of the province of Cádiz is the village of “Arcos de la Frontera. Here is the temporary paradise for our four-legged friends.

The stable has capacity for 13 horses and is right next to the house – so our horses also have access to everyday life and family life.