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Your team for buying pure-bred Andalusian horses

You have been looking for your own PRE for a long time and would like to buy a Spanish horse?

Passion Barock is an exclusive company that specialises in Spanish horses. Our goal is to help you find your dream horse. With a lot of sensitivity and passion, for these wonderful friends, we are committed to this!

Passion Barock is the result of our personal journey, our love for these majestic Baroque horses. Our small but dedicated team shares a common vision: to provide Andalusian horses that are not only exceptional, but also allow for a deep connection with their riders.
Every single horse in our stock has been carefully selected by us and is cared for with the utmost attention. We also understand the importance of a strong bond between rider and horse, and that’s why we invest a lot of time in making sure that the horse’s personality and character are a perfect match for you. The health and well-being of our horses is also a top priority at Passion Barock. We work closely with experienced vets to ensure that our charges are in top condition.

As passionate horse lovers, we would like to open up a very special world of elegance and devotion for you. For us, staying authentic and following our passion is invaluable. We are proud to be a company that focuses on honesty, transparency and individual care.

Experience the magic that happens when grace, beauty and passion merge on the back of a baroque horse. We cordially invite you to embark on this unique journey with us and find your perfect horse. Dive into the world of Passion Baroque, where you will not only become a business partner, but part of our horse family.

Contact us today and let’s make your horse dreams come true together!

Melanie Manzl

Marketing & Sales

Already in my early childhood I discovered my fascination for horses, a passion that has never let me go. In search of new ways, I came across the Spanish horses, whose character immediately fascinated me. The sincere loyalty and their willingness to learn, with which these noble animals approach you, touched me deeply. The feelings I had at my first encounter in Spain with one of these horses did not let me go and so I decided to get my own PRE. I have not regretted this decision until today! On the contrary, again and again I am fascinated and convinced by this breed…

..therefore, I turned my hobby into a profession. However, it presented me with numerous challenges:

How do I find the right trainer and instructor? Who can assist me in finding the suitable horses in Andalusia? And how do I organize the transportation to the customers?


But worried enough about it… So, I learned Spanish, packed my bags, and flew to Spain, to the people from whom I had bought my first PRE horse. It was a perfect match! Together, we traveled from stable to stable, engaging with riders, breeders, and sellers. It was during this time that I met Leonardo, who happened to be searching for someone to help him market his courses and horses. We joined forces, took a leap of faith, and quickly overcame any initial doubts.

Today, we are a small team.

All our selected horses are in our possession and lovingly trained, cared for, and nurtured by Leonardo in Lineares. I personally attend to each customer, while Jesus safely transports our beloved horses throughout Europe in a small yet exquisite transporter, ensuring they reach their new homes. Thus, Passion-Barock was born, an enterprise that quickly became my true “passion.”

Currently, I regularly commute between Austria and Spain. I am always on the lookout for the future companions for our customers and regularly visit our horses at Lineares. I look forward to many more years filled with passion and adventure!

A personal word to my customers

I would like to thank all my customers from the bottom of my heart for the trust they have placed in Passion-Barock and also in my person. I am especially happy that I often receive feedback with pictures and videos on how the horses are doing in their new home. Also the personal reunion with my customers, where I see the further development of their darlings, gives me a lot of pleasure and is a great honor for me.

My Philosophy

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, both for traders and buyers, I strive to continuously improve and evolve, never standing still – even when I encounter the challenges associated with selling and importing horses from Spain. I am aware that there are many reservations about “buying” horses online as well as importing horses from Spain and there are also people who have actually had bad experiences. Nevertheless, it would be premature to lump all horse dealers together.

For me, my work is more than just a job with which I earn my living. It is an affair of the heart that enriches and fulfils my life, which is why I make it a point to explain my work as clearly as possible to my clients so that they feel comfortable and understood with me.

While I am searching for the dream horse for my clients, I not only keep them informed, but also point out the often individual important, necessary steps of a purchase. As far as possible, my team and I take care of all bureaucratic, medical and other tasks to relieve the client of as much work as possible.

Although I always do my work carefully and also plan ahead, unexpected challenges naturally arise from time to time, which my team and I always face with openness and determination to find solutions. However, it is impossible to predict how an animal will develop in 2 or 10 years, as animals are living beings. Nevertheless, I do my utmost to find the best possible and most suitable horse for my clients based on their current state of health and character.

My actions are always based on conviction and the best of my knowledge, because that is also part of respectful treatment. I firmly believe that quality, good work and sincere service will always be rewarded, especially if you have a genuine attention to detail. This conviction has accompanied me since my time in gastronomy and is deeply rooted in my heart. For me, this also means that I say clearly when I cannot serve a customer or when their ideas are not feasible. Sometimes I also introduce a horse that may not quite meet the wishes, but which I feel is a perfect match. I am able to do this because of experience, but above all because of empathy and love for people and horses.

My approach may seem a little “spiritual” to some, but for me it is not only important to present the client with a horse that meets his expectations, but also one that is in harmony with him in terms of soul and character. For me, horses are more than creatures on four hooves. That is why it is so important to me that my clients not only acquire a horse, but also find a faithful companion for life with whom they can share joy and with whom they can grow and learn.

It fulfils me deeply and is a wonderful gift for me when my fellow human beings are satisfied with my work and I observe how a deep, mutual bond develops with their horse.

A single moment captured in one picture