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… whether a stallion, a gelding or a foal, we offer you a wide range of Spanish baroque horses. Our exclusive horses for sale are all at our installations and are located mainly in Spain. They enjoy their time and education in the province of Cadiz until they find a new owner for their whole life. If it is not possible for you to visit us, just let us know which is the best way to know the horse you are interested in. We take care of everything necessary and provide you with videos, pictures and all the requested information.
Not all horses for sale are uploaded in our website. If you want to buy your dream horse according to your personal wishes, we will be happy to look for a loyal friend. We would be happy to search specifically for you your Spanish dream horse.

PRE Andalusian - The Spanish Dream

They are a breed of horses raised up in Spain. Horses registered in the studbook belong to the “Pura Raza Española”, the Pure Spanish Breed, or PRE for short.

Andalusian is the King´s horse, even the governors liked to ride these wonderful horses – with those long manes, their imposing appeareance and the wonderful movements. For many, the PREs represent a dream horse come true. Majestic movements, imposing and strong necks and flying manes.

Noble heads, a not too long back and sloping shoulders make them easier for him to collect.

Andalusian horses are loyal friends who form a close bond with their humans.

We practice our hobby, which we turned into a profession, with great passion, care and expertise. We are always trying to find your dream partner for the baroque equestrian art. We implement this with a high degree of sensitibility and passion. Jose Antonio, our horse whisperer …..

Baroque horses and the baroque art of riding

The baroque art of riding stands out from other riding arts in that many exercises are practiced and developed on the ground.

The rider should show subordinate, inconspicuous and naturally a good figure and lead the horse with invisible aids.

In the baroque art of riding, which contains the basic dressage without aids reinforcement, a great importance is attached to optimally leading the horse.

The organization

Congratulations for buying your own horse. There is still a lot of organization and unpleasant paperwork behind buying a horse like this.

The transport

Thanks to many years of experience, at Passion Barock we take care a professional and reliable transport.

The transaction

Enjoy our all - round service, everything from a single source, reliable when it comes to buying PRE Andalusians.

Lusitano - The noble Portuguese horse breed

The Lusitano´s are closely related to the Andalusian horses. The quality of their character is the capacity to control their energy. The Lusitano convinces with his docility, is very people-oriented and triumphs from his outstanding rideability. He is a versatile, docile, but also all-around horse with a special disposition for Baroque dressage. A great leisure partner that also inspires horse lovers to practice the classic baroque art of riding. The world leader in working equitation and now recognized in dressage, the Portuguese Lusitano horse is becoming more and more popular. The Lusitano has hardly any knee action,  but amplitude in its movements: thus those horses are also suitable for competition. They are particularly valued by riders with back problems because this breed is extremely comfortable when it comes to riding.

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Horse breed Pura Raza Española (PRE)

The origin of this breed is in Spain. Pura Raza Española is a strictly protected Spanish horse breed. This breed was recognized by the Spanish breed association in 1912. The traditional color of the Spanish horses is gray, but there are also blacks, browns and, in rare cases, foxes. Due to their intelligent and excellent character, they are predestined for high school. They are often used as show horses. Above all, this breed is suitable for dressage. Their use can be found in the baroque art of riding, but also in their leisure time and in dressage. Pura Raza Española horses have a unique charisma. They embody their pride and elegance, paired with their high rideability.

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