PRE - Andalusians - Lusitano

Fundador GN

PRE gelding 2017 167 cm price category C

A living work of art, this Spanish horse captivates with its beauty and endearing character.

His athletic physique and expansive movements make him an incredible talent for high school. Fundador is a horse with a big heart and a total dedication to work. Always ready to do his best. He is a very docile horse with a quick mind. Always loving and devoted to people. Intrepid, he faces every challenge. With curiosity and interest he is always there to explore new things.

L/M trained

  • A  5000.-
  • B 5000.- to 10.000.-
  • C 10.000.- to 15.000.-
  • D 15.000.- to 20.000.-
  • E 20.000.- to 25.000.-

all prices in Euro

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