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Fundador GN

Fundador - PRE Gelding; 2017 167 cm; Price Category D
Fundador, our underestimated beauty, is far more than just a horse – he is a true work of art on four legs. His breathtaking beauty and endearing character will captivate you. Fundador has been trained by experts and embodies the perfect symbiosis of elegance and power. From the very first encounter you will be impressed by his presence and exceptional talent: His athletic build and impressive, ground-covering movements make him a true talent for the high school. He is willing to perform, always on call and with his quick grasp he learns in no time. But his true greatness is shown in his heart, which is bigger than his body: Fundador is curious, playful and always open-minded towards people. He loves cross-country rides into the sunset and also just to relax and unwind with his human. Already trained to L/M level, Fundador is ready to climb new heights with you. His willingness to cooperate and his balanced temperament make him an ideal partner. This horse is not just a companion, but a true friend and partner who will accompany and inspire you on every ride. Fundador is a true jewel, a beauty and a movement talent with heart and soul. He is exactly what makes riders’ hearts beat faster – a horse that not only meets expectations, but exceeds them. Fulfil your dream and let Fundador be your faithful companion!
  • A to  5000.-

  • B  5000.- to  10.000.-
  • C  10.000.- to  15.000.-
  • D  15.000.- to 20.000.-
  • E  20.000.- to  25.000.-

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