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Gelding 2015; 176 cm; Warmblood; German sport horse

Pedigree: Zalando x Daydream Training Level: M – Dressage

Zaphiris is an elegant and talented gelding, ideally suited for the discerning leisure rider or future sports enthusiast. Lovingly trained and coming from a good lineage, he is a horse that captivates with his elegance and presence.

In terms of temperament and handling, Zaphiris is top-notch. He is very people-oriented and affectionate, making him a true dream partner. He remains relaxed and cooperative with the farrier and during loading. Zaphiris is calm and unflappable, making him reliable in all situations.

In dressage, Zaphiris is at the M level in training and confidently masters his movements. He approaches his tasks with enthusiasm and ease, showcasing his talent. Additionally, he thoroughly enjoys jumping and has already achieved success in small courses (E-A).

Zaphiris was bred and raised by us, which means he is well-socialized and exposed to a variety of environmental stimuli. He is accustomed to tractors, combines, cars, and other agricultural equipment and sounds.

Both Zaphiris and his siblings are unfazed by spectators in the stands or playful children. They remain calm and focused during work.

If you are looking for a reliable and talented partner who excels in both the dressage arena and jumping, then Zaphiris is the right choice.

If you are interested or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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  • E  20.000.- to  25.000.-

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