PRE - Andalusians - Lusitano


PRE stallion 2018 162 cm price category C

Chicharito presents himself as a young PRE stallion with a sporty type and very good movements, even when ridden. His friendly, open, nerve-racking character makes him a particularly nice overall package.

Intelligent and docile, very quick to learn, he not only makes great progress in training, but also gives the riders great pleasure.

He is currently being gently trained and masters the walk, trot and canter under the rider. He masters the stable – ABC perfectly, is always loving towards people and is happy about every stroking and cuddling unit. His beautiful movements find an extra emphasis with a good swing.

  • A  5000.-
  • B 5000.- to 10.000.-
  • C 10.000.- to 15.000.-
  • D 15.000.- to 20.000.-
  • E 20.000.- to 25.000.-

all prices in Euro

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