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Valen Jato

PRE Stallion 2015; 169 cm; Price category F

Sold to Swizerland

A true jewel of yesteryear, Valen Jato is a rarity on the market. With his majestic appearance and impressive build, including a strong neck and broad chest, he embodies the beauty and strength of a typical old-style baroque horse.

This stallion is not only a visual treat, but also a real head of character. He is curious, affectionate and inquisitive, and always eager to please. He has good movement and a beautiful swing when ridden. His friendly nature is evident in his interactions, whether in the stable or at work. The connection he builds with his riders is palpable, focused and of exceptional depth.

Valen Jato grows up with grace and dignity in a herd and therefore knows the harmonious togetherness. His rideability is marked by remarkable simplicity – a gentle nature that conveys the joy of sharing. With his rare conformation and charming nature, Valen Jato is undoubtedly a coveted jewel of the old baroque tradition that is an exceptional asset for any horse lover.

  • A bis  5000.-

  • B  5000.- bis  10.000.-

  • C  10.000.- bis  15.000.-

  • D  15.000.- bis 20.000.-

  • E  20.000.- bis  25.000.-

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