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Chaman DCH

PRE stallion 2017 166 cm price category C

This powerful PRE stallion not only impresses with his impressive size, but also with his gentleness, which you can see in his eyes. Calmness and interest in his people make him a real partner for sport and leisure.

Chaman was gently trained on the water snaffle and inspires with his high rideability and elasticity in lessons. He is a friendly stallion, always in a positive mood and very fixated on people.

In spite of his young age, he is absolutely uncomplicated, cooperative, strong-nerved and relaxed – just pure fun! He faces every new challenge with a lot of composure and is always focused on the needs of his rider. Free work and the side saddle are no strangers to him.

Absolutely clear-headed with good potential, Chaman already has a complete pre-purchase examination including X-rays. For further questions we are happy to help you!

  • A  5000.-
  • B 5000.- to 10.000.-
  • C 10.000.- to 15.000.-
  • D 15.000.- to 20.000.-
  • E 20.000.- to 25.000.-

all prices in Euro

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