The process - key data and help

Enjoy our all-round service when it comes to buying your dream horse.

Starting with the preparation of the offer, through invoicing, transport certificates and veterinary reports, to the handling of the transport, everything from a single source!

The organization

Congratulations on purchasing your own horse. There is still a lot of organization and unpleasant paperwork behind buying a horse like this.

So that the overview is not lost, we are describing important information for the horse's well-being in the future.
You alone decide which insurance makes sense for the horse in the end. There are some insurances that everyone should have. Horse liability insurance is the priority here! It protects the horse owner from any damage that the horse causes. These include personal injury as well as property or financial loss.

Another insurance is the operating theater insurance. An operation on a horse is expensive. With this protection you are covered in the event of an intervention.

Horse health insurance is also recommended. This intervenes when your horse needs a veterinarian. It can be useful if your horse is a permanent guest at the doctor.
Every rider should definitely sign two contracts. This includes the horse purchase contract and the horse pension contract which ensures you accommodation in a riding stable.
Horses need regular hoof grooming. For long-term health maintenance, a trained eye and permanent treatment from a farrier is essential. Another important utensil for riding pleasure is choosing the right saddle. A wrong decision leads to an unsuitable saddle which can have far-reaching negative consequences for the horse. This can cause considerable damage to the horse and its freedom of movement is restricted.

Ultimately, the teeth must not be disregarded either. Many problems in handling can be traced back to sore teeth. The bit should be checked and edited at least once a year, depending on the age of the horse.

The Transport

Thanks to many years of experience and willingness to cooperate on the part of all those involved, we can handle the process professionally and reliably.

The transport usually takes 3 - 6 days. We guarantee the stress-free transport as well as the safe loading and unloading of our valuable guests. Of course we will take care of your horse as if it were our own.
Every long horse transport is of course a physical and nervous burden for the horses. That is why we always try to keep the stress factor for your darling as low as possible at all times.
Loading and unloading is completely stress-free, every horse gets the time it needs, even if it takes longer. The most important thing is a relaxed journey for the guest, so that he or she has a positive memory of the trip.
Of course we are available with advice and action when it comes to the safety of your horse. We would be happy to inform you about the right protection (leg protection, ...) that is best suited for your darling.
The horses are watered by hand at every break to control how much fresh water they take in. Of course, the hay comes with it from its usual stall and is fed during the journey.
The horses are monitored and observed by us throughout the journey, depending on the transporter, either by video or through the window in the horse box. This means that we always have an eye on them during the transport.
Of course, the valuable freight is insured with us and covers the costs at the unit value per kilogram. However, the protection is not sufficient in the event of a possible traffic accident. In these circumstances, additional insurance is highly recommended. We are also happy to provide full advice on this.