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Malteso de Torres

PRE stallion 2017 165 cm price category B

Sold to Spain

He was broken in professionally, gently and correctly. Malteso is equipped with very good basic gaits and has a natural talent for high school.

With his quick wits on the ground and in the saddle, all doors are open to this charming stallion.

Malteso is not only an absolute sweetboy in appearance. He is characterized by his attentive and cuddly nature towards people. You don’t notice that he is a stallion. He is used to other horses and shows no bad habits. On the contrary, the beauty has a very loving character, is attentive, learns quickly and wants to please you.

  • A bis  5000.-

  • B  5000.- bis  10.000.-

  • C  10.000.- bis  15.000.-

  • D  15.000.- bis 20.000.-

  • E  20.000.- bis  25.000.-

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