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Agluacil V

PRE gelding 2017 163cm price category C

Sold to UK

Grace, strength and athleticism are united in this horse. Due to his really good pedigree, this young man is equipped with everything that inspires the upscale leisure rider or sport rider.

Beautiful expansive corridors with the necessary go. Agluacil puts a smile on his rider’s lips. His high level of willingness to learn in the daily work and to form a unit with his rider is a real pleasure. Alone or in a group, he is relaxed in the terrain. He likes to show his ability in the lessons. You notice his charisma and loving nature immediately. He is very intelligent, paired with Go and without bad habits. He has a lot of fun with manual and floor work and is very concentrated.

He covers well with his strong foundation and is therefore not only interesting for the ladies.

He shows a great disposition for collecting lessons, as well as high motivation with a lot of fun at work. Despite this, he is never hectic or uncontrolled.

  • A bis  5000.-

  • B  5000.- bis  10.000.-

  • C  10.000.- bis  15.000.-

  • D  15.000.- bis 20.000.-

  • E  20.000.- bis  25.000.-

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