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PRE gelding 2017 168cm price category E

Sold to Germany

Unique total black PRE Andalusian gelding, extremely big and baroque. With 4 years he is already 168 cm tall. With amplitude and balanced movements and with a beautiful uphill gallop , riding him is a trully pleasure. As you can see in the photo, Cantabruco is a big gelding. This horse has a special charisma and presence. Nevertheless, he is never averse to cuddling, just as he has fun with children. His high proportion of Yeguada Militar line makes him an intrepid friend also in the countryside, as well as he forgives his rider’s mistakes.

In Germany he has been ridden with a lot of love and expertise and has been worked also from the ground. At the moment Cantabruco has a basic dressage level, both in the arena and in the countryside, and has mastered the Spanish walk from the ground, side movements and the compliment is still being worked on.

We really look forward to find him a partner that appreciates this special horse.

He has a valid purchase examination, is regularly checked osteopathically, is vaccinated and dewormed.

We would be happy to arrange a visit for you, as he is already in Germany.

  • A  5000.-
  • B 5000.- to 10.000.-
  • C 10.000.- to 15.000.-
  • D 15.000.- to 20.000.-
  • E 20.000.- to 25.000.-

all prices in Euro

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