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Atlantica XXIX

PRE mare 2017 165 cm price category C

Sold to Germany

Atlantica is a very baroque mare with good feet & legs who is of the stallion type. Grew up robustly in the herd, which makes them very social. She is very nice and well-bred with excellent basic gaits. Atlantica was introduced to work with great sensitivity and was broken into on a snaffle.

She shows herself to be eager to learn and fearless under the saddle. This mare is very friendly, docile and absolutely clear-headed.

This beautiful lady is officially approved as a broodmare and has a complete purchase examination with X-ray

  • A bis  5000.-

  • B  5000.- bis  10.000.-

  • C  10.000.- bis  15.000.-

  • D  15.000.- bis 20.000.-

  • E  20.000.- bis  25.000.-

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