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Cruzado PRE mare 2015 165 cm price category B



There is a 7-year-old bay Cruzado mare for sale. She has a baroque physique with a height of 165 cm. The mare is currently being worked by young girls and is doing very well. In rough terrain, with tractors, children, cyclists, etc., it remains very calm.

Even if there are new situations, she remains well-behaved with a relaxed rider. A varied training is the be-all and end-all for the mare, because she wants to be mentally and physically in balance.

She is easy with other horses. At the moment she is in a paddock box with grazing, is vaccinated and dewormed. She has a small finding on the spine in the transition from the thoracic spine to the lumbar spine, which does not affect her.

AKU possible on buyer request Getting to know each other will be charged at €30, which will be offset against the purchase Location Germany / Bavaria

  • A bis  5000.-

  • B  5000.- bis  10.000.-

  • C  10.000.- bis  15.000.-

  • D  15.000.- bis 20.000.-

  • E  20.000.- bis  25.000.-

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