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Challe DCH

PRE gelding 2017; 162 cm; Price Category C

Compact, baroque PRE gelding from a good family. He grew up robust in the herd along with his brother Chaman DHC. Both were lucky at the age of three and a half to come to the same stable to break in. There they were broken in with a lot of love and professionalism.

Absolutely clear-headed and with a loving character, it makes him a very reliable partner on the pitch and off-road. He goes off-road alone or in a group. His baroque physique makes him very comfortable to sit on. He is eager and docile under the saddle.

Cool and reliable when it comes to new things, he always has his head on the job. Due to his loving, people-oriented character, he is always available for cuddles and cuddles.

His gentle nature towards the people he always wants to please will make his future owner very happy.

He has a valid pre-purchase examination with x-rays.

  • A to  5000.-

  • B  5000.- to  10.000.-
  • C  10.000.- to  15.000.-
  • D  15.000.- to 20.000.-
  • E  20.000.- to  25.000.-

All pirces in Euros

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